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The tiny harbourside community of Lund (population 80) is the gateway to Desolation Sound’s coast inlets and islands. Behind Lund tower the Coast Mountains. Here, you can find boat charters, kayak and dive equipment rentals, guided mountain bike tours, interpretive hikes and more. The Lund Water Taxi offers a shuttle service to nearby Savary Island's sandy beaches.

The world's longest highway, the Pan-American (Highway 101 in parts of the US and Canada), stretches 15,020km – from Castro on Chile's south coast to Lund.

Arts and Culture

You can stroll by the heritage lodge and visit the arts and crafts shops in this tiny one-street hamlet. 

Getting to Lund

Lund is located on Highway 101, 26km north of Powell River on the Sunshine Coast. Lund can be reached from Vancouver in the south (a six-hour journey) by catching a ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, driving from Langdale to Earls Cove on Highway 101, and catching another ferry from Earls Cove to Saltery Bay. Lund is 54km northwest of Saltery Bay on Highway 101. Lund can also be reached by the Little River ferry, which leaves from Comox on Vancouver Island. The ferry takes approximately one-and-a-half hours.
Outdoor Adventure

The area is home to many marine and water-access only parks but is known mostly as the gateway to the world-famous Desolation Sound Marine Park. This park has more than 60km of shoreline, several islands and numerous small bays and coves. The warm waters of the park are ideal for swimming and scuba diving; the forested upland offer trails, small lakes and wilderness tent sites.


For kayakers, just north of Lund is the Copeland Islands Provincial Park, accessible by sea only. The park has a few campsites but no other facilities. Okeover Arm Provincial Park, west of Lund, has a small campground frequented by paddlers. Three other marine parks are accessible by boat from Lund: Roscoe Bay Marine Park, Teakerne Arm Provincial Marine Park and Walsh Cove Provincial Marine Park. 

Other more relaxing activities include fishing and ocean swimming. The areas year-round salmon fishing provides fun for anglers of all ages—you can charter a boat to find the ideal fishing hole. From Lund you can take a 12-minute water-taxi ride to Savary Island. You will enjoy swimming at Savary’s sandy beaches, which boast some of the warmest ocean water in Canada.

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