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Halfmoon Bay

Protected from the open sea by South Thormanby Island, Halfmoon Bay encompasses a small village and a few regional parks. Just north of Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay is a pretty placeódonít miss the Halfmoon Bay Lookout and its panaoramic view of Welcome Pass, the Thormanby Islands and Malaspina Strait.

Arts and Culture

The Halfmoon Bay Heritage General Store is a community gathering spot with a post office, liquor and ice cream. There are two art galleries in the village that display local artistsí work and you can watch for open art studios on your travels. If you are in the area in July, you may want to attend Halfmoon Bayís country fair, a popular old-fashioned community event. 

Outdoor Adventure

Between Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay, on Redroofs Road, is Coopers Green Regional Park. This park offers a beach comprised of both rock and sand. Coopers Green is a popular location for divers, and has a large grassy area with a volleyball court, horseshoe pit, BBQ pit, washrooms, swimming beach and a public boat ramp. Also between Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay on Redroofs Road is Connor Park, which offers short trails that connect to the extensive hiking and mountain biking trails that wind through the area. Sargeant Bay Provincial Park, 7km east of Halfmoon Bay, has a sandy beach ideal for swimming and picnicking. The nearby marsh is also a great birdwatching spot. 

Getting to Halfmoon Bay

To get to Halfmoon Bay from the Lower Mainland, take the Sunshine Coast ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to the Langdale terminal. Head down Highway 101 North, Halfmoon Bay is about 10km north of Sechelt. 

If you're coming from Powell River, take the ferry from Saltery Bay to Earls Cove at the north end of the Sunshine Coast. Head south on Highway 101. 

If you enjoy paddling, you can head from the Halfmoon Bay boat launch to Buccaneer Bay Marine Park on the west side of North Thormanby Island or Simson Marine Park on South Thormanby Island. Enjoy the areaís warm swimming water, hiking trails, beachcombing and kayaking.

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